Step 1: Contact us

Check out our calendar to find a meeting date that suits you.

Contact us through the website by using the contact form below about coming along to one of our meetings. Our Vice President of Membership will then be in touch with you.

Step 2: Come Along

Toastmasters is not like a commercial seminar or workshop, you can attend several meetings before becoming a member. This gives you a chance to witness how a meeting operates and to mingle with current members as well as other guests.

You can sit back and watch proceedings or participate in the table topics section of the evening. However you will not be able to present a speech or take on one of the many roles until you have become a member

Step 3: Membership

There will be an induction ceremony where you will be formally welcomed into the club. You will also be given the Toastmasters pin which is recognised by members all over the world.

When you have become a member you will be given access to the Pathways Learning Experience. This provides access to 10 education Paths containing over 50 projects with all multimedia educational content available online.

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