Evaluation and Table topics contests

Toast of Broadway had our first two contests for the Toastmasters year. We began our meeting with the Evaluation contest. Contest chair Xiang ran a smooth contest especially considering it was her first time being a contest chair. Our test speaker Ivo provided us with a wonderful speech titled ‘Teamwork makes the dream work’ that was perfect for our contestants.

It was a close call, but Ollie won the contest and will be competing in the area contest next year. Great job Ollie!

After the break it was time for the Table Topics contest. This was also the first time being contest chair for our Treasurer Tanya, who did a great job and came up with an interesting (and lengthly!) topic: If you were to come up with a mythology to explain a natural phenomena, what would it be and why? (there was more but this author can’t remember the start). President Jon took the prize and will also be competing in the area contest.

Thanks so much for all of our members for pitching in and helping run the contest, and a special thank you to our test speaker Ivo, and the judges from other clubs: Rae, Lance, Elaine, Wallis, Margaret, and Russel.

Good luck to Ollie and Jon!

Evaluation contest participants

Table topics participants

Evaluation contest – 3rd place: Danielle, 2nd place: Damian, 1st place: Ollie, Contest chair Xiang

Table topics contest – 1st place: Jon, Contest chair Tanya, 2nd place – Ollie, 3rd place – Katie