Informal Meeting Night

Due to the lockdown situation, we decided to postpone our contests schedule for today, and instead held an informal online meeting via Zoom. Michael graciously agreed to be the Toastmaster of the Night and scheduled four short speeches (2 to 3 minutes). Hani started off by talking about the situation in Afghanistan. Jon shared the story of his cat Blanche. Claire delivered a speech about her home country, the Philippines. Finally, Jafar talked about snacks and how to avoid excessive snacking. (He showed us some choccies and bikkies at the start which made us hungry!)

Amazing job, Michael, for running such an enjoyable informal evening. Thank you to Claire for introducing the word of the day: WINNOW (verb), which means to separate, or to get rid of something undesirable)

Thank you to all our members and our guest, Erica for attending the meeting. The next meeting on 6th September is going to be our Humorous and Table Topics contests. Hope to see everyone then!