Introduction, Body, Conclusion

Tonight’s meeting, 26th of July had an almost speech-like structure. Lulu delivered her Icebreaker speech in which she introduced herself to the club as someone who is curious and determined. Claire encouraged everyone in the middle of their Toastmasters journey to step up and participate in the upcoming Humorous and Table Topics contests. Finally, Clarence concluded his term as club president by sharing his reflections on his fruitful and enjoyable experience.

Several of our members fulfilled their roles for the first time and wonderfully. Toastmaster of the Night, Rimma, ensured that the meeting ran smoothly. Table Topics Master, Annabel, kept members and guests entertained with her Table Topics questions. Our Grammarian Will counted our filler words and introduced us to our Word of the Day, COGNIZANT (adj., having knowledge or awareness). Timer, Dan, kept everyone on time and made sure that we finished at 8:15pm.

Excellent meeting with engaging speeches and enthusiastic members/guests! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting on 9th of August!