The one with meaning..

30th of July brought us a very thought provoking meeting at Toast of Broadway. Jafar spoke about the meaningfulness of life. Katie made us question the use of Artificial Intelligence, and how fast it is entering our lives. Sota spoke about a young Japanese Soft-Ball talent who has made waves in the US. Rishant presented an interesting table topics session that included all of our guests.

Xiang made sure the meeting flowed in her role as Toastmaster. She did this very well – especially since there were quite a few last minute agenda changes. Xiang made sure we had enough content to keep us on time.

Our word of the day was Epiphany – a moment of sudden and great revelation or realisation. This was chosen by our Grammarian, Sarinah. Our meeting was kept on schedule by Danielle (our Timer), we finished at 8:15PM on the dot.

All in all, a great meeting with a few new faces….. on to the next one.